Modern Heirloom® is Classic turn of the Century Style with a Modern Sensibility inspiring this Jewelry collection created in Silver, Gold, & Platinum by Ben and Kathryn Stewart in Manteo , North Carolina.

Hand engraved Silver and Gold Diamond Pendant . Outer Banks Scene

As Jewelry Designers and Goldsmiths, Ben and Kathryn Stewart have spent over 20 years challenging their hands and creating each "Modern Heirloom" out of Gold, Platinum, and Silver. Applying techniques found in turn-of-the-century jewelry intertwined with her use of modern technology, they design and create jewelry which reflects the qualities of each person they encounter. Backgrounds in illustration bring strength to their designs and a mastery of line brings a simple elegance to there work. Each piece is created with attention to detail and inspired by turn of the century design and technique. Specializing in the Lost Art of Hand Engraving, custom jewelry design, and creation. Ben and Kathryn Stewart bring a contemporary twist to an old work style. The result....Modern Heirloom .

Kathryn Holton Stewart, Owner

Master Engraver, Goldsmith

Ben Stewart : Owner ,

Master Goldsmith, Lead Designer

Meet Our Team
Ben Stewart inspecting the diamond setting
Kathryn Holton Stewart Creates Jewelry