Sculptural Rings
Scroll Bracelets
Hand engraved with a variety of patterns the uniquely designed clasp is reminiscent of the scroll on a violin or the bow of a ship. Functional and stylish detail
Carved & Illustrated
Each Medallion is hand engraved and inspired by images from the world around us as well as Fantasy Illustration
Engagement Rings
Hand engraved and Masterfully Crafted engagement Rings Inspired by Art Deco and Art Nouveau Jewelry
Wedding Bands
Accenting the detailing in our Engagement rings and crafted in 14 K White Gold, Yellow Gold, and Platinum
Esther's Garden
Beautifully carved filigree designs fully Hand Engraved
Relic Series
Relics of the past and futere , Hand Engraved Silver and Gold accent each unique Gem
Ocean Current Series
Inspired by the swirling ocean design
Zen Garden
Inspired by images throughout the Zen Garden such as Bamboo, Koi fish , and Bonsai
Artist's Choice
Hand Forged Silver and gold, each piece is a bit different as it is up to our goldsmiths to follow thier creative stream of concsience as the make each piece
Coastal Visions
Inspired by the Beaches and Marshes throughout the North Carolina Coast, the wildlife hidden within and the scenic beauty
Tori Gate Series
This signature collection is inspired by the balance and harmony within the Tori Gate design and Asian Architecture
Custumizable Design
Our catalog of designs can be adjusted to perfectly suit your needs . Chose your gemstone , precious metal , and engraving pattern to make this design your own perfect Modern Heirloom
One of a Kind
Hand Carved and Never the Same twice
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Modern Heirloom® is Classic turn of the Century Style with a Modern Sensibility ignited this Jewelry collection created in Silver, Gold,& Platinum .


Silver Bonsai Gallery

905 Hwy 64 South

Manteo , NC 27954

Copyright 1993: Ben and Kathryn Stewart, Modern Heirloom Jewelry

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