Sketched and Engraved

Drawing became a passion of mine at age nine. It was my "natural talent"which required little thought and sketching came easily. At 17, I packed my bags and headed to Savannah College of Art and Design to become "an artist". It was after my first two foundation years that jewelry came into my world. I was hooked.

I loved the balance between process , creativity, and invention. As an artist, I was always equally if not more fascinated by the process of creating as with the conceptual aspects. Jewelry Design and creation fulfilled this fascination so completely. The inspiration to design and time to make interweave themselves so seamlessly each day in the goldsmithing shop it allows for each wave of the creative process to have its moment. 20 years and a blink of the eye after my venturing into jewelry making , I am excited to be launching my latest series. "Sketched and Engraved" finds the perfect balance between illustration and metalworking. Starting with pencil in hand and ending with the sculpting of gold and silver, each hand carved design captures uniquely drawn images while blending the artistry of line and technique. I look forward to sharing each of my Sketches with you....from unfurling fronds to crashing waves, fairies, mermaids, angels and more as my minds eye meets my engravers point in each unique design.

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